CreamGrip: the first non abrasive grip tape

Made in Europe, reusable, waterproof which suppots “Social Skateboarding”.


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Cream Prime is a company created and owned by skaters that was created by the problem generated by the abrasion of sandpaper griptapes. After more than 2 year of testing, a solution to this problem was found: The CreamGrip.

Cream Prime

non abrasive

Save more than 200€ per year.
The material maintains the grip for longer so you can reuse the same grip in more than one deck.



In addition, you can also clean it easily with a damp cloth.
The Cream Razor is included to apply the CreamGrip more easily.

Easy to apply

Social Skateboarding

We support skateboarding in places of conflict and/or development for each CreamGrip sold.


Cream Prime arises from the love of two skateboarders. Desiring to skate without fear of sandpaper abrasion on their shoes they created the CreamGrip. We support undeveloped and/or conflict areas by skateboarding pushing education by: “Social Skateboarding.”

The CreamGrip provides maximum grip to your shoes, allowing you to make all the tricks without breaking the shoes. Furthermore, leather and rubber sneakers are the material that grips most.

Cream Prime has the main objective of protecting your shoes, clothing and car upholstery from abrasion. But we want to go further, allowing a unique grip capable of being used wet and barefoot, without losing grip quality.

Easy to apply 

1) Peel off the adhesive from the CreamGrip.

2) Place it on your board.

3) Make a first cut with a cutter.

4) Go over the contour with the Cream Razor.

You can also see here the video.