CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive, reusable and waterproof sandpaper for skate, longboard, surfskate and scooter.

Non-abrasive, same grip as abrasives

One of a kind

has been designed to give you the best grip on your board at all times, without damaging your skin or shoes. Stay on the board even when wet, it will not lose grip.


We are the revolution your footwear needs.

Adherent even when wet, rain does not stop our CreamGrip 4.0

Waterproof System


New version of our adhesive to increase the adhesiveness of our Grip on your board. Holds up to 3 times more than a conventional adhesive.

Glue, cut and ready

CreamGrip 4.0 ready in two simple steps

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Boards are the ones that mount our CreamGrip. Our products are "By and for Skaters".

Just choose your board type

We have packs that save you money on shipping and product, remember that our sandpaper can be reused with our CreamStick.


  • The origins of Cream Prime come from the love of two people for skateboarding. Eager to be able to skate without fear of abrasion on their shoes, they created the CreamGrip, with which they have made several trips to places where skateboarding can be a social aid. Social Skateboarding.

  • The CreamGrip will provide maximum grip on your shoes, allowing you to iron all tricks without fear of damaging your shoes.

  • Cream Prime has the main objective of avoiding the abrasion of the shoes, but going further, allowing a unique grip capable of being used wet and with dull feet, without losing grip quality and without damaging our skin.

  • Installing the CreamGrip is simple: peel off the adhesive and place it on your board, make four cuts on the sides and cut off the excess and the screw area. You will have your non-abrasive sandpaper ready.