Shipping details

At we work day after day to improve customer experience, that is why we make sure to provide the greatest security possible, from the moment our customers place their order until it is received at their delivery location.

We offer 1-year factory warranty and 30-day no-obligation returns.

All our orders are processed within 24 to 72 hours, unless the order was placed on a holiday or weekend, in which case it will be processed the next business day.

Once processed, the order is sent to the customer. Once sent, the delivery address cannot be modified.

Thanks to different agreements with shipping companies, at we make national and international shipments.

Estimated time

Shipments from Correos España have a delivery time of 24 – 72 businesshours. In specific cases and on dates marked by high demand (Black Friday, Black Monday or Christmas) shipping may be delayed.

Los envíos de Correos España a Contrareembolso deberán abonarse siempre en efectivo al repartidor una vez le entregue el pedido en mano en su domicilio.

Todos nuestros envíos están asegurados y tienen un número de seguimiento qué permitirá conocer el estado de su pedido en todo momento.

About reception

*If the customer does not put the correct address in the order and does not notify us before his order leaves our warehouses, thus causing the package to not be delivered due to the incorrect address, a second shipment will be at the customer's expense. .

*If at the time of delivery of the order it is not possible to contact the customer, we proceed to notify via mailbox, and if the package is not collected from the notified Post Office within 15 days, the product will be sent to our warehouses.


Cream prime


Cream Prime is a company created and owned by skaters that arises from the problem generated by the abrasion of conventional sandpaper griptape.

After 2 years of carrying out different tests, the solution to this problem was developed, the CreamGrip.

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